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Honed Autowrite

1) Autowrite often suggests incomplete phrases, for example finishing with an article e.g. "Compared to previous generations of aircraft, the"
"Before he knew, she"
I believe, this could be honed for Autowrite to show larger phrases, but also those that finish with a comma, those that are capitalized etc.
2) Autowrite should also be able to adapt the case of the suggested words from the TM. In other words, when I'm writing: "He wanted to eat a banana" and there's BANANA (all in caps) in TM, Autowrite should adapt the case and propose "banana" instead of "BANANA".
3) It would be great if the font in Autowrite was adjustable and independent of the size of the chosen font in the Editor window. I used Times New Roman 20 and Autowrite was automatically the same size, which was definitely too big.
4) It could be a good idea to mark in Autowrite where the suggestion comes from (glossary/TM/MT/lexicon/regex)

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  • Wojciech commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Interesting. I once used the Typing Assistant. It was good, but on some occasions could be a real nuisance. But, yes, something of this kind could be good.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Autowrite would even have more potential. In pre-Autowrite-times I used a nifty freeware called LetMeType (unfortunately discontinued). It would practically record everything I type in a given period. If AutoWrite could integrate such a functionality, we would even get suggestions that frequently appear in the text but maybe not in the given segment.

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